Tuesday, November 28, 2017

JESUS IS BORN - Celebrating in Kenya

November 2017

Since we will be gone from Tenwek the month of December, we bumped up some of our celebrations.  We especially did not want to miss an opportunity to reach out again to our late friend Anna's children and grandchildren, few of whom are living for Jesus.
Always a highlight for our family, this was our ninth annual "Christmas" with this precious family. We have been involved with them over the months since we returned, but this is a special day for them to gather all together as a family, which they rarely do.  A meal is shared, and then the fun.

The children have grown and changed over the years, but they insisted we enact the Christmas story once again. Here the shepherds and their sheep come to see Baby Jesus

Cynthia highly values her annual role of carrying the star that led the wisemen to Jesus.

After coloring and making Christmas cards, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. And our local pastor friend again lovingly shared the Good News of Jesus, challenging them to make this the year they decide to give their lives to Jesus.  

Pray with us that some of them will turn to Jesus to join Amos, the youngest child, a sophomore in high school, who loves Jesus.

Another day we invited Peris's granddaughter and friend, and Robert's oldest children to our home to share the Christmas story through drama, frosting cookies, and coloring pages.  We pray these young children will choose to follow Jesus, too.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a day of sharing with our top Tabitha leaders, some of whom are pictured above.

Ladder ball is the Tabitha official sport, and some get quite competitive.

Their competition also came out in the  Bible quiz over the Christmas story facts, and our eight memory verses from the last three months.

 They are so expressive in being grateful for the gifts of thermoses they received. 

 Pray for all of our leaders that they will use every opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus with their families and community during the weeks of December.  And that we will, too.