Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Wife's Prayer Answered

Anna is a vibrant woman of faith whom we met in 2007. She was part of one of our women’s Bible studies and had earned her own Bible, and came to us because of family and health problems. She was found to be HIV + and began medical treatment. At that time she was regularly visiting her husband in jail. Her neighbors couldn’t understand her commitment to him when he treated her so poorly. He was an alcoholic who never provided for his family, got in fights and womanized in the nearest town. She insisted that she loved him and was praying for him. We worked with her church to build her a house in 2008 and later she received a cow through our gift cow program. Her husband, Philip, recognized God’s love for his family, but didn’t change his ways. What a joy to return to Kenya in August and meet a new man! About a year ago Philip turned to the Lord and has found strength in Him to leave his old lifestyle. He has resurrected his carpenter skills and is providing for his family through this means. Praise God for the prayers of this faithful loving wife and for God’s work in their family.