Contacting Us

We would love to hear from you.  Because of our mobile lifestyle, e-mail may be the best way to reach us.  You can use our address:

Our phone numbers in the US are:
John (cell) 269-281-6371,
Linda (cell) 269-235-4542,
home 269-281-5010 (the best one for leaving messages).

Our address in Michigan is:
1915 Highbank Drive
Saint Joseph, MI 49085

When we get back to Kenya we will likely be getting new cell phone numbers.  We'll try to remember to get them posted here.

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  1. Linda-
    Sorry for the LONG delay in answering your questions re: ? seeing each other in NE. I won't be in NE this summer. My Aurora cousins (and Monica!) are having a family reunion in Estes Park the first week of June and I will be there. My brother Mark just retired from the FBI and hasn't started another job yet, so he'll join us.
    I saw that you had been in NE for Bethany's wedding...gosh, I remember when she was born and you stayed with Jill...time does fly. It sounds like your kids are doing great and using their wings. Our daughter, Ali, is in Ethiopia for 3 weeks helping a friend in the Peace Corp with a project. She just finished her master's in paleoecology and hasn't found a job until Aug. And Nick is happy and well-employed in Seattle. I do follow you on FB and wish you well always, my friend...
    Jane Steenburg White