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We value our partners in ministry and invite you to join our team, or take another step in involvement.

Pray- our greatest need
We are in a spiritual battle, working with God and His people to advance His kingdom into enemy territory, and we need prayer!  Will you commit to pray for us weekly or even daily?

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Send us an e-mail to let us know of your commitment to pray and we'll make sure you receive our prayer updates by e-mail or snail mail, as you wish.  You can use to reach us.

Personal ministry support:  We thank God for faithful supporters who give so that we can serve God in Kenya.  We always welcome new financial partners. Any money we receive over our budget, goes to the ministries in which we are involved, at our discretion.

Tabitha Ministry, the women's ministry which Linda started, operates by faith, and runs on donations from interested partners.  Expenses include a gift Bible program, and  helping local churches help their poor, through house projects, gift cows, field and food assistance.  Go to the donations tab to choose to give either to our general ministry fund or to one of the projects listed for Tabitha.

Special projects:  Currently we are trying to help raise money for a residence for Kenyan interns and residents with whom John is involved in training.  Contact us by e-mail to learn more about this important project.  You can contribute to this project with a donation to World Gospel Mission with an indication that it is for Tenwek Housing Account #125-­35006.  Go to the donations tab to find the WGM address.

Choose to be a champion of God's cause in Kenya by informing your circle of friends or family of the need for prayer and finances, and personnel in our ministry.  We have had some wonderful partners raising money for cows, or hundreds of Bibles, or a CT scanner....

Doctors and other medical practitioners are frequently needed to help at Tenwek Hospital.  Short term visitors can often be plugged into projects such as volunteering at our Baby Center or construction at the AGC Missions staging center.  Please write us or call us so that we can talk about ways you can be involved.

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