Sunday, October 23, 2016


Three months into our year of Home Ministry Assignment, we reflect on the differences between our two homes.  Yes, we are now home.  And yes, we left our home in Kenya to come to the States. Arriving back in our birth country, some things come automatically, like driving on the right side of the road, enjoying fast food rather than packing sandwiches for a road trip, generally feeling safe wherever we go, and being with family again.  And some things take longer to switch, like, “Yes, Linda, you really are in charge of cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and food prep - there is no one to delegate this to;” walking on the right side of the stairwell and sidewalk; greetings -let’s see, do I shake hands, give a hug, or nothing in this situation? 

When our kids were smaller, we would sing songs during transition car travel, “Thank you Lord for……”, taking turns choosing the subject of each verse of the song.  We would sing about Kenya for a while, and then about the States, helping us to process the losses we felt in being in America, and also the blessings.  So on a recent car trip, John and I tried a similar exercise.

What do we miss most about Kenya?
 1. Cicilia, Robert and Peris – friends, helpers, being part of each other’s daily lives.

2. Avocadoes

                                                                   3. Regular routine

4. Our teammates in life and ministry

5. Familiar Indian restaurants

6. Facing serious needs on a daily basis that keep our focus clear.

What do we enjoy most in America?

1.       Being present in our kids’ lives.

2.       Other family – it is wonderful to get to be a son/daughter, sibling and aunt/uncle in person!
3.       Sweet corn!

4.       Reconnecting with friends and partners in ministry.

.   Coming back into the supportive medical practice with Southwestern Medical Clinic colleagues.

    Hearing about the ways God is stretching His people here to reach out to the needy around them.

7.       Fall weather activities and beauty.
      And in both places?  A recognition that any home on this earth is temporary.  Something better awaits us!  Our God is faithful, promising to continue the work He has begun in us, to shape us to be more like Jesus.  So, Lord, open our eyes to the path you have for us here and now, and give us enough challenges to keep us leaning hard on You!

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